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how millennials do – or don’t – brush their teeth

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…Survey Says…!

Here at hello, we think that brushing your teeth is a really bright idea. But that said, we really like to know what YOU think – it helps us make cooler stuff that’s sure to get you smiling. So we decided to survey a bunch of fine folks across this nation to find out more about their brushing habits and perspective on oral care in general. And guess what? It turns out that a lot of people aren’t giving their teeth enough love—which in our world means its time for a friendly mintervention. 

Dental Fear Factor: The Tooth Hurts

62% of American adults are too afraid to visit the dentist. One of the major excuses for avoiding or delaying a dentist appointment is fear that a visit will be too expensive. More than 50% of you are worried about losing teeth due to oral health concerns. Fair. Millennial peeps may especially need to brush up on keeping it clean in the mouth department. A full 27% of Millennials surveyed said they were uncomfortable visiting the dentist vs. only 23% of respondents who were 55 or older. The Millennial crowd also isn’t spending enough personal time on their #selfie smiles: 30% of Millennials surveyed admitted to only brushing their teeth once a day, and some millennials have gone over 2 days without a brushing sesh. We hate to sound judgy, but that sounds, well, kinda unfriendly.

What’s on your Oral Care Swishlist?

Personally, we think brushing should feel so nice you’ll want to do it twice (or more!) on the daily. But it turns out that a lot of the oral care products out there just aren’t cutting it. A ton of you wished that they cost less, were more efficient, and tasted better – in fact, a full 14% of you said you’d avoided the dentist just due to the taste of products at the dentist. 

Hello Tooth the Rescue!

The numbers don’t lie. There’s some real work to be done when it comes to getting people more turned on to brushing. Luckily, it’s a labor of love for us here at hello. Our mission is to create the most natural, effective, and irresistible personal care products we can in the friendliest way possible.

How do we make brushing your teeth naturally irresistible? Well, for starters, by making products with ingredients that work brilliantly and taste awesome. Next up, by making products available when and where you want them, and making the whole experience, dare we say it, fun.

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