company & history

what is hello?

we’re a new kind of personal care brand, created by a small, passionate crew using thoughtful and effective ingredients. we’re for the 100%, so we’ve created toothpastes, mouthwashes, toothbrushes, flosses and deodorants for every brusher, swisher, and swiper. our product line covers adults, kids, and toddlers; whitening and sensitivity relief, fluoride free and more so you can choose friendly with ease.

why are you called hello?

we thought ‘hello’ was the friendliest word around. for us, hello is about a lot of things, from how we source our thoughtful ingredients to how we treat each other inside and outside of the office. friendly is an idea and a set of ideals around how we want to be as people, as a company, and as a provider of responsible products we feel lucky enough to interact with every day.

when was hello created?

hello’s first product was developed in 2013 by a small, passionate crew, using thoughtful, effective ingredients. people were so excited for our paste, we were on the shelf at national retailers in just six months from product inception. we’re not only friendly, we’re pretty darn fast, too.

who created hello products?

hello® was dreamt up by one of the most creative minds in consumer goods, Craig Dubitsky. prior to hello, Craig cofounded and led the creative effort at eos, a women’s personal care brand known for its ubiquitous spherical lip balm. Craig helped launch Boots (the most trusted brand in the UK) in the US, he served as the CMO of kettle corn pioneer Popcorn, Indiana, and he was a founding investor and board member in Method Products; to name just a few of his brand adventures. he was named by AdAge’s Creativity Magazine as one of the 50 Most Creative People, and was inducted into the Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization (CEO) Hall of Fame alongside legends Steve Wozniak (co-founder, Apple), Gordon Segal (founder, Crate & Barrel), Rhonda Kallman (co-founder, Sam Adams), and Herb Kelleher (founder, Southwest Airlines)

where is hello products based?

the hello® office is based in the heart of Montclair, N.J. fun fact: our office was a former billiards hall/den of iniquity that we converted into an open concept loft.

what is leaping bunny certification?

Leaping Bunny certification verifies we are cruelty-free throughout our entire supply chain. This means not only do we not test our finished products on animals, but our individual ingredient suppliers also verify that they, too, do not test the individual ingredients we use on any animals. we love our friends in fur, and would never test on them. learn more about the Leaping Bunny program here.

oral care products

why doesn't hello toothpaste foam up like traditional toothpastes?

hello toothpaste is made without sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a common foaming agent you’ll find in many other pastes. some folks are sensitive to SLS, and it doesn’t really change a paste’s cleaning power. hello pastes might feel a bit different at first, but you’ll be giving your teeth an incredible brush without the risk of SLS sensitivities.

what is the shelf life of hello toothpastes?

hello toothpastes and mouthwashes have a shelf life of two years. that said, once you give them a try and take your taste buds for a spin, we know you’ll rush to brush and be on your next tube of hello well before two years.

can i use hello products for cleaning and for acne?

we love all the clever toothpaste hacks out there, but we recommend you save every squeeze from the tube for your teeth. trust us, your teeth and taste buds will thank you.

do you use flavors?

a big part of our awesomeness comes back to our how our awesome pastes taste…and that magical taste is all about the flavors we’ve created. at hello®, we use natural flavors from extracts and essential oils to make our toothpastes and mouthwashes taste delish. we understand that just seeing the word “Flavor” on a list of ingredients can be a bit confusing; the flavor mixes of the oils we source are proprietary, but not artificial. gotta keep some of the secret sauce a secret if you know what we mean. if you are allergic to specific essential oils, please contact us to ensure the hello product you’ve selected or are thinking about rocking is right for you.

are hello tubes biodegradable?

no, this tube (and plastics in general) are not designed to be biodegradable. the #2 HDPE plastic used in our tubes is designed to be "circular," so that the material can be re-processed into new products and packaging.

dental health & effectiveness

how do hello products whiten teeth without peroxide?

peroxide can cause sensitivity. we’re always looking to use the friendliest ingredients we can find, and that’s why when it comes to whitening there’s no peroxide in our products. hello® toothpastes contain thoughtful ingredients like hydrated silica, calcium carbonate and activated charcoal that help to polish teeth and gently remove surface stains.

do hello products remove plaque?

yes, brushing with all hello® toothpastes as directed and intended helps with the physical removal of plaque by removing surface stains.

do hello products freshen breath?

yes, at hello® we think it’s friendly to be fresh. we’ve made our toothpastes both delightful for your taste buds and your breath, helping you and everyone around you enjoy a breath of fresh air.

do hello products prevent cavities?

yes, all hello® fluoride toothpastes meet the FDA anticavity monograph for fluoride, which has proven efficacy for preventing cavities. in addition, a select group of hello fluoride toothpastes have been tested by both the ADA and at third party labs and have been proven safe and effective at preventing cavities. hello uses similar or identical fluoride systems across all our fluoride toothpastes. we continue to explore getting all our fluoride pastes “ADA accepted” which involves individual and lengthy testing to qualify.

do hello products protect enamel?

yes, when used as directed and intended, brushing with all hello® fluoride toothpastes can help protect enamel. hello, in tandem with third party labs, conducts relative dentin abrasivity tests (RDAs) that show hello fluoride toothpastes and hello fluoride free toothpastes gently remove tooth stains without damaging enamel.

is hello activated charcoal toothpaste abrasive on enamel?

our activated charcoal toothpaste is well within the ISO standard for enamel safety. happy enamel, happy brushers.

do hello products control tartar?

yes, our antiplaque + whitening fluoride free toothpaste in natural peppermint with tea tree + coconut oil helps to brush away plaque by removing surface stains, so that it does not form into tartar and naturally whitens with friendly minerals.

are hello products safe for use with braces and other orthodontic appliances?

the ingredients in hello toothpastes should not cause any damage to dental or orthodontic hardware. we always recommend checking with your dentist if you have any questions. rock on, metalheads, and brush friendly.

are hello products safe for dogs?

while we love our furry friends here at hello, our products are strictly for humans.

safety & allergens

are hello products safe?

a resounding YES. safety and efficacy are of the utmost importance to us. hello® toothpastes are formulated in accordance with FDA requirements and manufactured in facilities that meet the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) requirements. we take pride in our commitment in using thoughtful, effective ingredients that taste awesome. like any product, please use as directed and intended – and only on humans.

are hello products safe for children?

yes, absolutely. we have a full line of kiddo friendly products, both fluoride and fluoride free. you can check them out here. parents should always supervise their children's brushing and products should be used as directed and intended. we recommend consulting with your dentist to determine which fluoride toothpaste is the right choice for your little one.

can i swallow hello toothpaste?

hello® products are designed for brushing your teeth, not for consumption. let your teeth and taste buds savor the flavor, not your stomach so please do not swallow.

what should i do if i ingest hello products?

if you accidentally swallow more of our fluoride toothpaste than the amount typically used for brushing, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away. if you ingest a fluoride free toothpaste, you will likely not experience any issues, but consult your doctor if concerned. we know hello tastes awesome, but please, don’t eat it.

who should i speak to if i’ve had an adverse reaction to your product?

if you are currently having an adverse or allergic reaction, please seek immediate medical attention. discontinue use of our product immediately until you consult with your doctor. you can also contact us.

do hello products contain tree nuts?

hello® toothpastes have many ingredients derived from coconut oil. if you have an allergy to coconut, we suggest you avoid all of our toothpastes. a brusher’s safety is always our main concern, so if you have an allergy to tree nuts, please use an alternative to hello that you are more comfortable with. if you can’t find a paste that’s working for you, please let us know and we’ll do our best to identify another brand that might safely do the trick for you.

are hello products gluten-free?

hello products do not contain any sources of gluten.

are hello products vegan and dairy-free?

yes, hello® products are dairy free, vegan and do not contain any animal byproducts.

are hello products free from cross contamination?

our facilities follow proper procedures and all equipment is between production runs of different products.

is hello activated charcoal toothpaste safe for everyday use?

absolutely! while formulating our activated charcoal toothpaste, it was one of our top priorities that our paste wasn't only effective and delicious, but also very gentle and safe for everyday use. all of our toothpastes are well within the ISO standard for enamel safety.

deodorant q+a

what's the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant?

deodorant and antiperspirant might look really similar, but they have different uses and different ingredients. our fab hello deo contains ingredients that help absorb moisture and that help with odor protection. antiperspirants, on the other pit, can use ingredients like aluminum to reduce underarm wetness by temporarily blocking up your sweat glands. we believe in a sweater’s right to choose, and no matter which way you go, noses everywhere will thank you.

will hello deo stop me from sweating?

our hello deo won’t stop you from sweating, though it’s specifically and thoughtfully formulated to help protect against odor.

does it take time for your body to adjust to hello deodorant?

if you’re already an avid deodorant user, you should be good to go from your first swipe of hello deo. however, if you’re currently an antiperspirant user, it might take a few weeks for your body to get used to a new product. every body and every armpit is unique, so feel free to get in touch if you have any q’s, and want to talk pits!

how long does the odor protection last?

our hello deo is clinically proven to protect those nostrils you love - whether your own, or someone else’s, for up to 24 oh-so-friendly hours.

is hello deodorant tested on animals?

nope, as in never. we’re a cruelty-free company, and happy to share that our products are leaping bunny certified, which means not only are our finished products never tested on animals, but the individual ingredients in our products are also never tested on animals.

is there any baking soda in hello deodorant?

nope. we chose not to include baking soda in our deo because it can cause irritation for some peeps. instead, we use arrowroot to help absorb moisture, which is gentle on skin.

what is the deodorant container made of?

our custom-made hello deo container is made from 100% PCR PP, which means that the material used to make the container started off its life as something else, and is post-consumer recycled goodness. the container is fully recyclable, so when you’re all finished, no sweat, just toss it in with your regular recycling.

oh no! my deo dome is stuck.

we want your hello deo to arrive safe, sound and ready to roll, so we added a fab dome (the little plastic topper inside the deo cap) on every stick. if you’re having some trouble removing the dome, we recommend twisting the deo up a little bit. this should help your dome cap come off and you’ll be ready to swipe in no time. still having trouble? just reach out, we’re always happy to chat deo!

help! i can’t get my deo dial moving.

oh no! friendly help is on the way. if your deo dial is stuck, we have a pit-tastic tip that should do the trick. we recommend removing the cap and squeezing the top of the deodorant while twisting the dial. this should help unstick your deo dial so you’re able to get swiping easy-peasy. still having trouble? feel free to reach out at contact us.

will hello deo stain my clothes?

our hello deo should glide on with ease, leaving our swipers fresh and ready to go! if any residue sneaks off your arm and on to your shirt, no worries. it should come off easy-peasy in the wash. feel free to reach out with any additional questions!

shipping & orders

how do i change or cancel my order?

drop a line to our customer service team ASAP at contact us, or 855-HI-HELLO and we'll try our very best to make any changes you need before your order ships out.

does hello ship to p.o. boxes?

no, hello does not ship to P.O. boxes.

does hello ship to apo addresses?

not at this time.

how long will it take for my order to arrive?

our friendly team is working to get your packages sent out as soon as they can. please allow 1-2 business days for your order to be processed after purchase. shipping typically take 7-14 business days after processing. contact us if your package doesn't arrive after that time.

how do i track my hello order?

once your order has been processed, you should receive an email from our friendly team with your tracking information.

i need to change my shipping address for my hello order!

we always want your hello delivery to arrive safe and sound. contact us with your order number and the new address ASAP. our team will try their best to change the address before your order ships.


how do i recycle the tube? do i need to cut open and remove all the leftover toothpaste in the tube, or rinse it out?

we are psyched to be transitioning our entire toothpaste portfolio to recyclable tubes. this effort began in 2022 and will be completed by 2025, so not all tubes will immediately be recyclable. if your tube doesn’t have #2 HDPE symbol on it, please don’t put it in your recycling bin. if your tube has this symbol, yay! check to see whether your community accepts tubes for recycling. if it does, squeeze out as much of the toothpaste from the tube as you can, put the cap back on, and place the tube in your recycling bin or wherever your community may recycle #2 HDPE plastics. please don’t cut open the tube to try and remove excess toothpaste! during the processing of the tube at the recycling facility, the tube is ground up and goes through a “rinsing” process, where all the residual toothpaste is washed off the plastic. so there’s no need for you to do any rinsing at home.

what is the toothpaste tube made of?

the hello tube is primarily made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), #2 plastic. the cap is made of PP (Polypropylene), #5 plastic.

why do we share our tube technology?

we're on a mission to make the world a friendlier place, one tube at a time! by sharing our technology, hopefully we can initiate a global shift to recyclable toothpaste tubes.

what are you doing to ensure these tubes are accepted by recycling facilities?

in 2019, our parent company Colgate-Palmolive Company's first recyclable tube design earned recognition for technical recyclability from the APR (association of plastic recyclers), showing that tubes of the right design are compatible with HDPE #2 container recycling. we also tested the sortability of tubes; data show that our full size tubes are able to be successfully sorted with minimal mis-sorting.

we have been sharing the technology as well as the approach with tube suppliers, other brands, and any interested parties. in addition to helping the industry transition their tubes, hello, in partnership with Colgate, is focused on working with the recycling community and partnering with key third parties to address turning “recyclable” into widely accepted and “recycled.”

we are part of key collaborative efforts in the journey to recyclability for plastic squeeze tubes. these efforts are making circularity tangible and the tube transition is well underway!

even with all of these efforts, however, during this transition phase your community may not yet accept tubes for recycling. people should check with their local community programs to ensure that tubes are accepted. we are proud to be the leaders in this space and our goal is to continue developing innovative science that creates products that are ultimately better for our planet.

are the caps recyclable?

yes, the caps are technically recyclable and made from #5 PP plastic. it's best to put the cap back on the tube before placing it wherever you recycle #2 HDPE plastics. please check your local recycling rules to be sure. we are continuing to research ways to convert all of ours caps into a more compatible material with the HDPE stream.

why are some of your tubes recyclable while others aren't?

our plan is for all of our toothpaste tubes to be recyclable by the end of 2025. it takes time to make this transition, and during this time, some of our toothpastes will be in recyclable tubes while others won't have transitioned yet. for now, make sure your tube has #2 HDPE icon before you recycle it.

this tube is still made of plastic - how will it help the environment?

our recyclable tubes are made out of #2 HDPE plastic, which is one of the most recycled plastics. HDPE can be turned into all kinds of new things, including construction materials and new packaging. switching to recyclable tubes has the potential to keep billions of tubes out of landfills.

will you still partner with terracycle?

hello is no longer partnering with Terracycle at this time.

what happens once the tubes are recycled?

once the tube is in the recycle stream, it gets sent to places like a materials recovery facility [MRF] where it would get sorted, then sent to a reprocessor who turns the tubes into little plastic pellets. these pellets can then get turned into new products and packaging! so you're not actually saying goodbye to your favorite tube, just see ya later!


where does hello products source its ingredients from?

hello® sources high quality, thoughtful ingredients from all over the world. we’re always on the lookout for thoughtful ingredients that we can source responsibly, and sometimes the best ingredients are only found outside of the US. luckily, we know how to pack a killer carry-on and we love airplane food, so the constant search for awesome, thoughtful ingredients is a really fun part of the job.

what is hello’s packaging made of?

hello® makes its tubes and caps from plastic. our boxes are made from 100% recyclable paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. we also use soy-based ink on our boxes.

is hello packaging bpa-free?

yes, all hello® packaging is BPA-free. it’s the friendly way to be.

is hello packaging biodegradable?

hello® packaging is not biodegradable, but please know we’re always on the lookout for alternative packaging materials.


how can i become a retailer/distributor?

this is one of our favorite questions, and we’re so happy to have a good answer. if you’re interested in carrying or distributing hello, please contact us.

i’m with the press and looking to speak to someone at hello.

hello, friendly media person! we’d love to chat with you! please contact us.

are you hiring?

you flatter us! are we hiring? let’s put it this way: we are trying to create the friendliest, most dynamic company in the world, and companies are all about the people behind them. if you’re ready to help us make a friendly DENT in the DENTAL universe, then yes by all means, let’s talk! contact us, let us know what you’d like to do, why you’re the person to do it, why it will help us elevate the everyday and make people smile, and oh yeah, what your favorite hello product might be, and let’s go from there. we look forward to hearing from you.