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What is hello?

Hello is a brand of naturally friendly™ oral care products. The line currently includes a range of toothpastes and breath sprays in delicious flavors and beautiful packages, as well as a toothbrush made with biodegradable corn resin and recycled plastic.

There are no directions on the packs. How do I use hello?

As someone who checks out the FAQ section of a website, you probably already know how to use these products. But since our lawyers say we should post some directions, here’s the scoop:

Toothpaste + Toothbrushes: Gently squeeze the paste tube from the top, putting a small amount of your favorite hello toothpaste onto your favorite hello toothbrush. Brush for about 2 minutes, getting to all surfaces of your teeth. (If you’re using the toothpaste for your kids, please follow the directions on the package.) We suggest you store it standing up on its cap to allow gravity to do its thing in terms of helping to get product out of the pack.

Breath spray: It’s good to go. Just twist to open and spray once or twice into your mouth to freshen your breath whenever and wherever you want. Don’t forget to twist the colorful top again to lock the sprayer into the closed position before you put it in your pocket or purse. And be sure to share; it’s the friendly thing to do.

Do the flavors taste the same across all the products/categories?

The flavors are the same across the entire range, but they may taste a bit differently depending on the application. We think if you like Mojito Mint in spray, you’ll like it in paste, but we’ve taken the liberty to tune the cooling and zippiness up or down a bit based on the way you use each item. It’s worth pointing out that while hello has fun flavors like mojito, all of our adult flavors maintain a base of mint for natural cooling and freshness.

What’s the shelf life of the product?

Two years, but really, we hope you use it sooner. We’ve made it taste so good that it’s hard to see how you wouldn’t!

Can people who have sensitive teeth use hello products?

Absolutely! These products are created for all types of people, and should be comfortable for those with sensitivity issues. But if you’re concerned, please share hello with your dentist, and get his or her opinion.

Is hello safe for use with orthodontic appliances (braces, etc)?

Yup. We’re into friendly metal. There’s nothing in hello that should cause any damage to your braces.

I see that some of the toothpastes have the ADA seal. What does this mean?

Our adult toothpaste flavors supermint and mojito mint and our kids toothpaste flavors bubble gum and blue raspberry were all awarded the ADA Seal of Acceptance. This means that the toothpastes were all tested at third party labs and proven to be safe and effective for the prevention of cavities.


Is hello safe?

Of course! Safety and efficacy are our biggest concerns. Our products are all alcohol free, as well as free from artificial sweeteners, and dyes. Our supermint, mojito mint, extra whitening, bubble gum and blue raspberry toothpastes also contain the proven anticavity ingredient fluoride, and should be used as directed.

Does hello contain alcohol? I know that alcohol dries the mouth out, but isn’t it the strongest agent to kill bacteria?

We don’t mind a beer or a nice glass of wine every now and again. And we even like to break out the champers for special occasions. But alcohol in breath sprays? Not friendly, and so not happening. Alcohol burns and stings, and we don’t think there’s anything friendly about that. Alcohol also dries out your mouth and limits saliva flow, and believe it or not, saliva is designed to wash away the bacteria that causes bad breath. If you want alcohol, think about an adult beverage, not a breath spray.

Does hello contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)?

Most of our toothpastes do contain SLS. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a cleaning agent derived from coconut and palm oils. It’s the stuff that makes our toothpaste foam just a touch. We do offer two pastes that do not contain SLS – sweet mint for adults and natural watermelon for kids.

Does hello contain artificial sweeteners?

No way. Vegetable glycerin and sorbitol contribute to sweetness. Hello also uses natural sweeteners including xylitol and stevia to enhance the flavors of our products.


Can I swallow hello toothpaste?

While some incidental intake is to be expected during normal usage, it is not recommended that the proven active ingredient, sodium fluoride, be swallowed. We know hello toothpaste tastes delicious and leaves your mouth feeling clean, but please, don’t eat it! If you are concerned that you swallowed too much, contact a Poison Control Center immediately.

How does hello whiten teeth?

Hello toothpaste is made with a special type of silica which gently and safely polishes your teeth and helps remove stains. Hello doesn’t contain peroxide.

Will hello help keep my teeth white/help reduce surface stains/fight cavities?

We’ve been thoughtful about what makes for a friendly mouth – clean teeth, fresh breath, and no cavities for a start. Our supermint, mojito mint, extra whitening, bubble gum and blue raspberry toothpastes contain sodium fluoride, which is proven to help care for your teeth when combined with good brushing habits. And all of our toothpastes use a special blend of silica to polish and brighten teeth.


How many applications can I get from the breath sprays?

On average, one hello breath spray generates roughly 70+ friendly bursts. Given the gorgeous form factor and delicious flavors, we hope people share the sprays with friends, and leave a few in various places…one for the purse, one for pocket, one for the car, one for the desk, one for the gym bag…you never know where and when you’ll want to get your greet on!


What are hello toothbrushes made from?

Our handles are made from 50% recycled materials + 50% biodegradable corn resin. We promise to keep pushing ahead in our search for even more eco-friendly materials for future toothbrush designs. The good news? You’re supposed to change your toothbrush every 3 months or so, so by the time you’re reading this, we might have a new toothbrush with even cooler materials ready to rock.

Why are all hello toothbrushes only available with soft bristles?

Because soft bristles are friendly bristles. Hard and medium bristles are a bit tougher on enamel and gums, so we only use softies.

Is there a difference between the different colored toothbrushes?

Yes. They are different colors. OK, that’s a silly answer. No, there is no difference between any of the brushes, other than the greeting on the front of the packaging. You might be more of a hello, rockstar, and your significant other might be more of a hello, sunshine. And the different bristle colors will help you tell your brushes apart.


Is hello tested on animals?

All of our products are Leaping Bunny certified, vegan, cruelty-free, and never tested on animals. We are also a member of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program. Harbor, our Chief Greeting Officer, wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither would the rest of us here at hello.

Who owns hello?

Hello is a privately held independent consumer products company based in Montclair, NJ. The company was founded by Craig Dubitsky, who has a history advising, investing in, and creating transformational consumer brands. Hello launched in March 2013.

Where is hello made?

Hello is made in the friendly USA. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities meet all FDA requirements, and are staffed with pros who want to help make the world a friendlier place. The overwhelming majority of our packaging is also made domestically, with a small balance coming from friends in Canada and Italy.

What does it mean to be friendly?

To us, friendly means thoughtful. A good friend deeply and innately knows what you need even before you do. And then they either get that thing or make that thing happen for you, without expecting anything in return. Friendly is about being almost conspicuously selfless.

Tell me about hello and sustainability.

Sustainability is a part of being seriously friendly, and we are always striving to improve our products with this in mind. Our boxes are made from 100% recyclable paper sourced from sustainable resources printed with soy based ink and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Our breath spray contains a pump engine that employs some metal parts, so that’s not quite so easy to recycle.  We’ve tried to offset some of that by using a friendly paper card and recycled plastic for the outer packaging our sprays. We’ll keep pushing for more post-consumer recycled and recyclable content in our packaging, so stay tuned. Anything less wouldn’t be friendly.

Hello looks and sounds awesome. Are you hiring?

Thanks! Are we hiring? Let’s put it this way: We are trying to create the friendliest, most dynamic company in the world, and companies are all about the people. The greatest idea with the wrong people aboard will fail. A modest idea with the right people aboard can change the world. So if you’re ready to help us change the world by elevating the everyday, then yes, let’s talk!

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