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hello® is on a mission to make the world a friendlier place, starting with your mouth. we’re a new kind of naturally friendly™ oral care, created by a small, independent, entrepreneurial crew using thoughtful, effective ingredients so delicious you’ll rush to brush. we don’t treat your mouth like a war zone, talking about killing and fighting. what you will find is naturally effective thoughtful ingredients that marry what works with what’s good for you. ingredients like aloe vera and coconut oil, natural sweeteners like xylitol and erythritol made from non-GMO corn, but never any synthetic dyes, artificial sweeteners/flavors, parabens, microbeads, triclosan, or gluten. and we never test on animals, that’s really not friendly or thoughtful.

what do we focus on when we create hello products? well, we live to elevate the everyday. we love design, and we don’t think daily-use products should be fugly. we love thinking about how to make things better, beautiful, and as natural as possible. some folks have called us “disruptors” or “challengers”, but we think that sounds a little unfriendly. we’re just a passionate and curious bunch who constantly asks, “why hasn’t anyone done this before?”

we don’t want to disrupt, we want to delight.

hello® was dreamed up by one of the most creative minds in consumer goods: Craig Dubitsky. he was named by AdAge to the Creativity 50 as one of the most creative thinkers and doers in the US, and he never stops dreaming, sketching, writing, creating, and dreaming (we said dreaming twice, because he dreams big). prior to hello, Craig cofounded eos, a women’s personal care brand known for its ubiquitous spherical lip balm, and he helped launch Boots here in the US. he also served as the CMO of Popcorn, Indiana, and as an initial investor/founding board member in Method Products. let’s just say he’s on a mission to elevate the every day, and he wants to make personal care, well, personal again.

walking down the oral care aisle, Craig was struck by the fact that other brands treated your mouth as a war zone, talking about killing and fighting odors, germs and bacteria. combined with the images of stylized and holographic extracted teeth and certain ingredients that made him scratch his head, he saw the opportunity to create a new, naturally friendly approach to oral care. that approach became hello and comes to life in everything we do: from product development and company culture, to our relationships both inside and outside the office. friendly informs how we engage with brushers, retailers, suppliers, growers, and all sorts of partners. we love people just as much as we love helping them take care of themselves with friendly products.

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