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naturally friendly™ oral care.

finally, oral care that rocks.

think differently about what goes into (and out of) your mouth. free from triclosan, dyes and artificial sweeteners. say hello to hello.

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brush + greet freely.

say hello to our new naturally friendly™ toothpaste in awesome flavors like supermint, mojito mint, pink grapefruit mint and peach mango mint. delish.

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let kids go at their own paste.

prevents cavities, strengthens enamel and tastes awesome. oh yeah, it's good to be a kid.

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chat with our CEO, Craig

learn more about hello products and how we are delivering a smile to the aisle, a wink to your sink and a natural reason to smile.

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meet the friends behind the friendly.

it’s not trite if it’s true: it’s all about the people. and at hello, we are building an outrageously passionate and professional team that wants to change the world.

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