goodbye foro (fear of running out)

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we’re flexible

set it up, change it up, pause, cancel, or edit your subscription anytime. 


friendly savings

get 10% off your hello favs for every subscription order, whether it’s it’s every month, 2 months, or 3 months. 

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how does subscription work?

easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. start your subscription today by selecting from one of our bundles, or simply create your own by choosing your favorite products from the shop.  once you select your timing (every one, two or three months), we’ll take it from there. 

can I modify my subscription?

of course! once logged into your account here, you can add products by going to your subscription dashboard and hitting “add.” this will bring you to a page of hello favs that you can easily add to your active subscription. everything will come in one hello box.
to remove products from your subscription, click on the x right by your product name. You can also pause a subscription by hitting “pause” and choosing the date you want your subscription to resume. 

when will I be charged for my subscription?

you will be charged for your subscription once your replenishment order ships. email notifications will be sent when your subscription order is about to be processed and when it is shipped. if you paused your subscription, you wouldn’t be charged until after the date you choose to receive your next shipment. 

how do I update my billing information?

billing information can be updated any time. log into your account here to update your billing, shipping address or credit card information.

how can I cancel my subscription?

log in to your account here and go to the “manage subscriptions” tab. If you want to pause your subscription, “click” on pause, which is in your account’s subscription section. Choose a date from the calendar pop-up that you’d like to receive your next hello box. if you’d like to activate your subscription earlier, just hit reactivate, and your subscription will turn on automatically.