a friendlier tube for our planet.

a friendlier tube for our planet. learn about our new recyclable toothpaste tube and how you can help us treat our world friendlier. we love to spread the friendly and now we want to educate about our new recyclable tube. During this transition phase, your community may not yet accept tubes for recycling. Consumers should check with their local community facilities.

1. buy friendly

by adding this toothpaste tube, you’re actively doing your part in being environmentally friendly.


2. use hello

yummy taste! squeeze and use as usual, until the toothpaste runs out of every single drop.


3. recycle it

our recyclable tube is not meant for a landfill. it gets turned into useful products.

all your friendly recycle questions

hello recycle FAQ's

can hello products be recycled?

yes, hello® products can be recycled through our partnership with TerraCycle.  see our page for more details.

our boxes are made from FSC Certified paper, and are 100% recyclable. our mouthwash bottles and caps are also recyclable, and made with PCR (post-consumer regrind). our toothpaste caps are also recyclable. please follow your local county’s recycling practices–it’s good karma.

what is the deodorant container made of?

our custom-made hello deo container is made from 100% PCR PP, which means that the material used to make the container started off its life as something else, and is post-consumer recycled goodness. the container is fully recyclable, so when you’re all finished, no sweat, just toss it in with your regular recycling.