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we give a spit about what's inside.

we’re psyched you’re checking out this page. like you, we care about what goes into our products and our bodies. a lot. here’s a glimpse into some of our ingredients and our sourcing.

say hello to the non-gmo corn that yields our xylitol and erythritol.

we respect a brusher’s right to choose. so long as folks are brushing, and brushing happy. that’s why we have lots of options. #brushhappy

aloe action shot from the very field in Gonzalez- a small farming community in the friendly state of Tamaulipas, Mexico - where it’s sustainably harvested.

say hello to Willamette Valley in Oregon. when mint dreams of heaven, it’s a toss-up between our paste, and this valley.

fields of stevia. sweet!

oral care that's thoughtfully made right from the start.
that's naturally friendly.


a humectant and sweetener that lends a velvety texture to our paste. and let’s face it, once you go velvety with your paste, there’s no going back.

hydrated silica

polishes teeth and removes stains, better than your favorite dry cleaner.

vegetable glycerin

sustainably sourced oils from canola, coconuts and palm produce glycerin that enhances mouthfeel and acts as a moisturizer. and a well-moisturized mouth is a happy mouth.

purified water

we use purified water because, well, it’s more purerer.


a sweetener that helps keep bacteria from sticking to your teeth, and unlike sugar, it doesn’t cause cavities. the only thing we want sticking around is you.

sodium lauryl sulfate

lovingly derived from coconut and palm oils, we use just a touch (and by “touch”, we mean 1%) to provide a pleasant foaming experience. you want to clean your teeth, not look like a rabid dog.


soothes and moisturizes. it’s also really great for sunburn relief, but we’ve never seen tan lines on our teeth.


our responsibly and sustainably farmed stevia is a natural, near zero-calorie sweetener that doesn’t promote cavities. cavities and calories are seriously unfriendly.

calcium glycerophosphate

provides a source of calcium and phosphate which are minerals found in the enamel. and when it comes to calcium, the more the merrier.


a sweetener derived from the fermentation of corn, and no, it’s not like moonshine. it prevents cavity-causing bacteria from sticking to teeth. cheers.

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