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A Paste for Every Taste: The Best Hello Toothpaste Flavor for You

Photo: kids brushing with hello toothpaste

Which hello toothpaste flavor is the best? If you were to ask us at a cocktail party, we’d bashfully avert our eyes and admit that we love all of our oral care products with an equal, parental-intensity sort of energy. But we live in a world that likes to quantify and rank, a world of top tens, best ofs, buckets, lists, and bucket lists. And the truth is, some pastes may be a better fit for you based on your preferences (if you’re looking for a more interactive toothpaste-picking experience, try our quiz out).

So we’ve put together this tidy lil’ guide for you using the informed and impassioned insights of our fantastic fans who leave us beautiful reviews – y’all are too kind. So pop on your reading spectacles and peruse our tasting menu. Btw, the special of the day is a whiter smile (it always is).

Our Best Tasting Non-Mint Toothpaste

Mint is the monarch of paste tastes – but that doesn’t mean everyone bows and kisses its ring. In fact, some people don’t dig mint at all, and that’s totes fine – we’ve got your brush covered. We recommend you start your day off with wild strawberries – in tube form. Our mint-free strawberry toothpaste is a big hit with the kids, but packs enough fluoride to make it absolutely appropriate for adults to make their main squeeze as well.

It’s been described by users as “yummy” and “refreshing,” sporting a taste and smell that makes you feel like you just dove into a strawberry patch mouth-first. Never-minters, we recommend you try this paste posthaste – it might just become your flavorite.

Feeling fruity? You can also give our grape paste a swirl.

Best-Tasting Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

If the tooth hurts, we’ve got a paste for that. Because sensitive teeth need a little bit of extra love and affection, we’ve developed hello See Ya, Sensitivity Toothpaste. This stuff is like the Enya of soothing pastes, and it’s gonna be music to your molars. Just ask Elle, who found it to be the best out of half a dozen alternatives she considered (we love the thoroughness, Elle!). Or Sunny, who “found this toothpaste at my grocery store and decided to give it a try and I’ll never use anything else.”

Best-Tasting Toothpaste for Kids and Toddlers

Kids are known for being cute, low to the ground, picky and stubborn. If you’ve been on the receiving end of some little junior-senator’s filibuster at brush time, you know what we’re talking about. Luckily, our kids’ pastes are pretty much universally lauded by kinderkickers everywhere. But sporting a near perfect 4.9 star average review is hello Dragon Dazzle Blue Raspberry Fluoride Toothpaste.

Is it the eye-catching deep-blue tube design or rich berry flavor that woos the youth? We think it’s probably a combination of the two – but regardless, it makes brushing time a breeze for all involved. As Lex thankfully exults: “…this blue raspberry toothpaste came to the rescue and it was just what the dentist ordered.”

And of course, we can’t forget our Watermelon Paste. This longtime kids’ fave is a legacy and is one of the oldest flavors in hello history… and for good reason. Take Crystal’s word for it: “I didn’t have to remind her or fight with her to brush, she actually wanted to and enjoyed it.” Getting kiddos (and kiddos at heart) to rush to brush™ without the fuss is our specialty. Find your perfect paste now.

Love a hello paste that we didn’t cover here? Sound off and leave us a suggestion, or better yet leave us a gushy review and make our day.

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