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Survival Guide for Your Oral Health While Traveling

Photo: holding up hello toothpastes tablets

We love travel for the romantic, anticipatory vibe it can often bring. But at the same time, travel comes with some very real logistical baggage that needs to be sorted out and accounted for (besides what bathing suit to bring). Especially in the immediate lead-up to departure, all sorts of small-but-important accessories can get overlooked or forgotten: your passport, your children, your oral care kit. (…KEVIN !!!) We can help you with some of this business; particularly the oral care portion. Here’s your survival guide to oral health while traveling. Thank us later – or at least send us a postcard.

Keeping Your Brushing Routine While Traveling

While traveling can serve as a great break from the routine, that shouldn’t apply to your oral care routine. Still, we understand there’s moments when that can’t be helped. If you find yourself in a pinch and don’t have time to brush your teeth on a regular basis (a red-eye flight, canoeing through the Amazon, etc.) we recommend that you still floss. It’s a good way to give your chompers some love and can sometimes prove easier to pull off, depending on your situation.

This is the part where we plug our travel-friendly bundles. As avid travelers ourselves, we empathize with the need to travel light and also adhere to TSA regulations. Our travel toothpaste packs have been designed to scratch exactly this itch – for us, and for you. They’re dainty, cute, and exceedingly friendly. They’re also only one ounce in size, which means they’re cleared for takeoff. If you’re already fans of our stuff, we think it can be really comforting to bring a little piece of home with you. And that applies pretty much no matter what your main squeeze is – we’ve got whitening, charcoal, and kid’s pastes in a wide bouquet of flavors. Looking for a plastic free alternative? Our toothpaste tablets are a fresh and friendly way to have your paste on-the-go. Using them is simple: chew. brush. spit. smile. (and enjoy your vacay).

Regardless of whether your next vacation involves air travel, we still recommend you put together a separate oral care travel kit. Having a dedicated set of travel supplies means you reduce cognitive load when planning, packing, and leaving. You can just toss the kit in your bag, secure in the knowledge that all the oral care you need is right there and ready to go. Because traveling should be about savoring the moment and enjoying the entirety of the experience, not running through a mental checklist!