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The Step-by-Step Guide to Using Hello’s Dental Pass

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One of our big, BIG goals at hello is to keep your mouth feeling fine-tuned and beautiful at all times. And luckily, we feel that much of this can be achieved with a little bit of maintenance every morning and evening at the sink. But it’s also important to occasionally bring your whole mouth in to the pros for a look under the hood. Which is why we’re stoked to now offer you access to VIP dental rates with the hello dental pass! Created in partnership with Careington Care (one of the biggest in the biz), our handy lil’ pass can save you 20 to 50 percent off a ton of services at participating dentists. And it gets even better: signup is a breeze and you can be approved and running within 24 hours! Seriously. It’s almost hilarious how easy it is to get going on this. Here’s the deal:

Step 1: Sign Up for the Hello Dental Pass!

First, brace yourself for huge savings. Then click here and decide whether you’d like to sign up for a 30-day pass ($20, great if you want to get a one-time service covered) or an annual pass ($99, perfect if you see yourself going to the dentist several times in the next year). Within 24 hours of submitting payment, you’ll receive an email that contains a digital version of your dental pass – you can either screenshot it on your phone or print it out, but either way you’re officially all set to save big.

Step 2: Find a Participating Dentist

Time to book an appointment! Our 30-day dental pass is accepted at over 80 thousand dentist offices nationwide (wow!), and our annual pass is accepted at over 200 thousand locations (What?!!?)*. What we’re saying is you’ve got options. Click here to search by dentist name or zip code and find one that tickles your fancy. 

Step 3: Have a Marvelous Dental Experience

Got a dentist? Good! Time to say: “What’s up, doc?” So give them a call and make an appointment – be sure you tell them that you’re a bona fide hello dental pass holder, and then ask them how much your specific dental services will cost with your discount. Pick your jaw up off the floor after they tell you about all the money you’ll be saving.

Then brush your teeth before your appointment (because, c’mon). After your appointment is over, simply flash your hello dental pass card when you pay. It’s really, actually that simple. Mouth watering yet? Then head over here to get a look at your likely savings on teeth cleanings, routine checkups and other common dentist services!


*Sorry, residents of Vermont, Utah and Washington – unfortunately hello dental pass is not currently available in your lovely states 🙁 We still adore you though! And you’re totally still allowed to use our other friendly products!

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