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what are the benefits of rinsing with activated charcoal mouthwash?

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If you’ve spent any significant amount of time on the ol’ Information Superhighway (or “the internet”, as the kids call it these days), chances are you’ve probably heard of charcoal toothpaste and maybe even seen it work its magic. In toothpaste formulations, the pores in activated charcoal absorbs the particles that cause the odors that are freeloading in your mouth.

Obviously, using charcoal toothpaste by itself is great – but giving your mouth a second opportunity to experience the power of charcoal during your oral care routine is even better. Enter: the tall, the dark, the handsome… charcoal mouthwash.

Here’s a look at the benefits of charcoal mouthwash and why you’ll be swishing you had some in your medicine cabinet right now.

swishes really do come true

The primary benefits of using charcoal mouthwash is a cleaner mouth with fresher breath courtesy of charcoal’s porous and absorbent qualities (read all about them in our How Does Charcoal Work post).

For starters, a charcoal mouthwash is speedy when time-sensitive fresh breath needs arise, you’ll be breathing pretty in no time. That’s especially true if you’re reaching for hello charcoal mouthwash. We’ve infused our mouthwash with a natural mint flavor that’s so heavenly and breath-friendly you’ll start getting compliments from strangers. Cute strangers.

Also, while we don’t suggest you carry it around in a hip flask, charcoal mouthwash has a great degree of portability – meaning you can keep a bottle at the office and get a quick swish in before The Big Meeting. Because the only thing better than reporting record quarterly growth is when you talk minty while you do it.

So you’re ready to pour yourself a lil swish of the good stuff. But what ingredients should you look for in a charcoal mouthwash?




your swish come true.

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making your swishlist

Many mouthwashes include alcohol, which doesn’t always feel nice on your gums. At hello, we think stinging is pretty unfriendly – so we’ve left alcohol out and included coconut oil instead. This results in a more moisturized mouthfeel after swishing (which is what you want). We also recommend you check ingredient labels to see if they include dyes, artificial sweeteners or sulfates. Personally, we’ve opted to leave these non-essential ingredients out of our charcoal mouthwash.

Finally, it’s important to note that although we love making and using charcoal mouthwash, it’s not a substitute for brushing your teeth – but it is a nice addition to your morning and evening ritual, and a great way to stay fresh between brushing sessions.