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hello, friends.

our deepest thanks to all of you incredible people on the front lines at hospitals, testing facilities, and senior living facilities, the folks stocking and working at grocery stores, warehouses, and restaurants, to the folks delivering food, supplies and daily-living essentials, to the teachers making plans for distance learning for those with and without computers. thank you for doing everything you can to keep us healthy and safe. thanks to the reporters and journalists who share the deets with us. thanks to the folks who are trying their best to spread positivity in tough times.

thanks to all of the great companies out there donating products to help the front line medical heroes and communities in need. thanks to the peeps at companies scrambling to reinvent their manufacturing capabilities to create much needed medical equipment. thank you to the folks checking in on loved ones, for those who keep smiling, and for those that are staying positive.

we wanted to share with you that we’ve donated $4.3M worth of hello to those in need, including frontline workers at local hospitals here in our home base of NJ and NY.

we encourage everyone to complete a small act of kindness—a donation to your favorite organization, local store or eatery, a smile and thank you to someone working hard to keep us all safe, or even just saying hello to an old friend who’d love to hear from you. please keep spirits up, and give what you can, where you can. thx for being awesome.

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