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a note from hello

our hello mission is rooted in friendliness. everything we do is for the 100%, and that means everyone, regardless of the color of their skin, how they identify, or who they love.

our hello team is a diverse mix of races, genders and sexual orientations. we love our hello family, and we will continue to add more diversity to all areas of our team as hello continues to grow.

in full transparency, our current team of 29 people identifies as follows:

  • people of color: 24%
  • two or more races: 10%
  • asian: 10%
  • black or african american: 4%
  • white: 76%
  • female: 62%

we do not have any black team members in senior leadership positions.

we are aligned and determined to turn our hopes for change into measurable action. we’re committed to having a diverse group of candidates in every aspect of our hiring process. we’re developing a plan for internal and external education. we’re for the 100%, and we’re committed to making positive change.


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