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why turmeric?

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by connie gregson , friendly head of r+d at hello products

Welcome, friend, to the golden land of turmeric. If you’ve been to an Indian restaurant, you’ve probably had it before (it’s the spice responsible for giving curry its vibrant yellow color.

Whether it’s sprinkled into a soup or stew, tossed back in a liquid-elixir turmeric shot (srsly that’s a thing) or added into lotions, you’ll find turmeric (and in our case, white turmeric) incorporated for all sorts of stuff these days – including toothpaste! So what exactly is turmeric anyway, and how is it used in oral care?! Read on, fair brusher, and all shall be revealed to thee!

What is turmeric?

Turmeric is a flowering plant widely grown throughout Asia and Central America. Its underground stems (which are similar to roots) are called “rhizomes”. The rhizome is the part of the plant us humans like to use. If you were to pick up a hunk of raw turmeric rhizome, the first thing you’d notice about it is that it bears a shocking resemblance to ginger root. In fact, turmeric and ginger belong to the same family of plants – what a successful clan! When used in oral care, turmeric is dried and ground up into a powder, but in other applications it may also be consumed fresh.

How is turmeric used in oral care?

In the DIY natural whitening world, turmeric powder is often combined with baking soda or coconut oil into a homemade toothpaste. While we appreciate that this is an elegantly simple solution, turmeric is traditionally bright yellow in color… and also extremely effective at accidentally staining clothing. …At which point you will need to then make a DIY clothing whitener. So to avoid these sorts of complications, you may want to consider a slightly more domesticated turmeric toothpaste option. Which -ahem- we happen to have created.

Hello turmeric paste

So what’s the deal with turmeric: is it no stain, no gain? Hardly! We’re happy to say you can brush with turmeric without yellowing your clothes or mouth. That’s because we’ve designed a friendly new toothpaste that incorporates white turmeric – a pale-colored non-staining variety. Not to worry, our paste still whitens teeth and provides the cleaning benefits you’re after.

Hello White Turmeric + Coconut Oil toothpaste is a no-mess alternative to DIY teeth whiteners, and it boasts an ingredient list curated with our customary commitment to simplicity and friendliness. What does this mean? We’ve included coconut oil to give your mouth the natural moisture boost it craves. Plus flavor from farm grown mint from Oregon to make sure you’re rocking some serious West-coast freshness. Best of all, we’ve fortified this turm-epic toothpaste with a mineral blend that assists in naturally and safely removing surface stains. We call this paste a brightening booster, and we darn well mean it.

While you’ll enjoy plenty of freshness, you won’t encounter any peroxide, artificial sweeteners or flavors, parabens, sulfates, or the like. And of course, like all of our products, Hello White Turmeric + Coconut Oil isn’t tested on animals.

Have any other questions about our ingredients? Check out the ingredients section of the hello site, or slide into our DMs for some friendly correspondence at [email protected].