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you had me at aloe

hello team member
by connie gregson , friendly head of r+d at hello products

so, what exactly is this spiky green stuff? if you want to get scientific about it – and we do – aloe vera is a member of the liliaceae family of succulent plants. aloe comes from the arabic word for “alloeh,” which means “shining bitter substance”; vera is Latin for true. species of aloe vera can be found in most tropical climates around the globe, and if you’re handy in the horticultural sense, you may even be able to grow your own. we’re always looking for ethical growers for our supply chain, so be sure to hit us up if you grow aloe in quantity.

from an effectiveness perspective, aloe vera has a whole lot going for it. it’s loaded with vitamins a, c, and e – which are valued for their antioxidant properties and a big reason why aloe vera is so good for healing. it also possesses a host of anti-inflammatory ingredients for brushers with sensitive teeth or receding gums. but what really gives aloe value in toothpaste is its ability to tackle bacteria.

aloe vera tooth the rescue

a 2009 study in the general dentistry issue of the academy of general dentistry showed that aloe vera gel is just as effective as (if not more than) two commercial toothpaste brands at cleaning teeth. because aloe vera gel isn’t abrasive, it’s a particularly excellent cleaner for people with sensitive teeth. if you’re the sensitive sort, look for a toothpaste with aloe as a main ingredient. if you’re the swishing kind (and we hope you are) then the same advice goes for mouthwash.

say aloe to a happier mouth

when added to toothpaste, aloe vera acts a lot like a perfect bff: it’s non-abrasive and it soothes you. we give it an a+ for naturally friendly effectiveness. and because we crush on aloe so hard, we’ve included it in many of hello’s toothpastes and mouthwashes, including our anti-gingivitis mouthwash, sensitivity toothpaste, fluoride free whitening toothpaste, toddler training toothpaste, and kids fluoride free natural watermelon toothpaste and mouthwash.